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Insights and Innovations

Starting a new business can be overwhelming and uncertain.


Knowing where to go for the best affordable information is like trying to walk through a mine field blindfolded. And when you’re doing it all yourself, it can be overwhelming.

How is there any time left for thinking of new ideas let alone implementing them.


And then there’s a stage in your business when you’ve been through a few seasons, had a bit more experience and are really ready to up level. But where to from here?


Shona Chambers and Shannon Reed have both been there, done that and have teamed up to offer a unique service for both these stages of small business life.


Shona’s background in marketing insights and extensive experience in running 3 small businesses of her own (Space at 61, Shona Chambers Marketing and Self Employed Club) makes her perfectly placed to generate fabulous ideas for your business.


Shannon is the owner of Mockingbird Makes and comes from an Innovation background, facilitating problem solving sessions for the likes of Unilever, BT and the NHS.


Together they will offer you a bespoke 1hr session generating lots of new ideas (both immediately actionable and strategies for long term development), contacts to collaborate with, processes and systems to implement to give your business the kick start it needs. 


There is also an option to have the session recorded and for it to be mined for further insights and innovation ideas and for you to keep.


Working on your business is essential but you don’t have to do it alone. Having fresh eyes to help you see the potential in your business is priceless and powerful.

To book in for an Insights and Innovations Hour click here

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