100 Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

There are lots of books on marketing. Finding the time to read them and knowing which to pick is not easy. If you are new to business then you probably have the idea that marketing is important but you may be unsure what it actually covers. I've wrote my book '100 Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners' to break down some of the key elements of Marketing for you in a way you can dip in and out of.

My book covers: Marketing planning, putting customer insights at the heart of your work, the importance of creating a networks that supports you, digital marketing, visual and branding and I hope helps you to work on your business in a way that might not have considered before.

If you already are experienced in business then consider 100 Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners, a checklist to review your progress. 

Bonus Material: Would you like 50 more marketing tips? This is the blog that gave me the idea for the book. Completely separate to the book, these provide lots more simple ideas to try today!


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