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Book Review: Atomic Habits James Clear. 1% better everyday

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

How much more could you achieve with your current goals and commitments if you focused on making 1% improvements?

We all know that habits are so important to our business lives.

The things we do often become our habits.

If we have good ones they support us. If not then we will struggle.

For example, a lot of people dislike selling, but what would happen if you contacted one customer per day to check if they were interested in buying from you?

A book I'd recommend on the art of continuous improvement is Atomic Habits by James Clear

There is so much amazing content in the book. But the area I am focused on right now is his 1% improvement idea.

James Clear - Atomic Habits
Tiny Changes Remarkable Results

Focus on 1% Improvements

When goals feel impossible, and it seems like you just can't do something, scale it back and ask yourself what would a 1% improvement be?

When I wrote my book in 2020 I focused on writing a little every day.

I didn't have the luxury of spending whole days writing because I was also looking after children who were home from school. So I used the technique then, thinking about how 1% turns into 2, turns into done.

Eventually it was.

So that's my tip for you today.

What can you do 1% of from your goals list?

Even when you feel unsure if you can complete it, by doing a little bit you will hopefully benefit from the desire to finish what you've started.

Thanks for reading


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