10 Essential Marketing Tips For Growing Your Business Online

Are you a small business owner looking for marketing tips that will help you grow your business?

In this blog you will read 10 essential marketing tips for growing your business online, perfect for anyone with a product business.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I write about small business marketing all the time. I even wrote a book about it, and announced recently that number 2 is on the way!

Are you making the most of collaboration?

A key marketing method for growing your business is collaboration, something I am really open to myself.

It is good to look at how to work with others who are similar to you, but different enough to add value to both of your audiences.

This blog started out via an Instagram live which Jason Nelson The Fashion eCommerce Consultant and I did in collaboration together. If you prefer to take your information in via video, you can watch the discussion here

If you prefer to read, then everything we covered in the chat, all 10 essential marketing tips are coming up below!

10 Essential Marketing Tips for Growing your Business Online
Marketing Tips You Won't Wan't To Miss!

5 Marketing Tips from Jason Nelson Digital

1. Your Shopping page should be 1 click from the homepage

Websites take time and money to create. You want yours to work as effectively for you as possible.

Make sure that people who visit your site don't have to work to find your shopping page.

Take a look at your site with your ideal customer in mind and make sure that navigation to your shop is obvious, fast, and easy.

More than 1 click and you might be missing custom!

2. Money Map Your Home Page

We all know that home pages are important. It's where people land, & where they gain the first impressions of your business before hopefully becoming a customer.

If you sell products then you need to make sure that your home page showcases your 'hero' products, the must have items that people will be looking for on arrival.

Work out what your best sellers are, and map how much space to give them on this most important of pages.

3. Creating waiting lists/ email me when back in stock

Email marketing is important. It's common to hear about companies who put all their efforts into social media only to be disappointed when reach drops, algorithms shift or organic efforts come to nothing.

When someone is on your email list it is because they've taken a step closer to you, & they want to hear from you.

Don't miss the opportunity to give your customers places to sign up on your website, to hear about your new products, new stock, collaborations and more.

4. Complete the look

Have you ever looked at a fashion magazine, been interested in an item but found no way to look it up? This happens online too.

If you are selling a pair of shoes, but include an ankle bracelet, socks or other item in the shot, tag them. Someone may want to buy the other items.

If you don't it creates a frustrating, and difficult customer experience, which nobody wants.

5. Cross sell and upsell on the product and shopping bag page

Have you ever been on a website that showed you items that you may also like? This will usually be based on the number of those items other people are buying, or your own search history.

If you don't have this feature on your website yet, speak to a web designer about getting it enabled.

It is also a well known fact in retail that getting someone to put something into their basket early in their online shop increases sales.

So think again about your home page, is there something low cost and tempting that you can use there to help your overall sales?

Thank you very much to Jason Neslon for these 5 fantastic tips. You can say hi to Jason here on Instagram

5 Marketing Tips from Me!

1. Increase your network

I talk about networking a lot but that is because it's important!

When you started your business did you give any thought to the fact that you already know lots of people? Well you do. Many of them will be very happy to help you by forwarding an email about what you offer onwards to their contacts. So just ask.

The more people you are relevantly connected with, the better for you & your business.

2. Recommendations matter, so ask for them

When did you last do something like watch a programme or try a new item of food because a friend told you it was nice?