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100 Books I read in 2020

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

I'm not really sure who I imagine will be in the blind bit interested in these lists of mine, but still I write them.

There is something about recording my life in books that appeals to me.

Also the older I get the more I find I struggle to remember something that I read and enjoyed, so I can now refer back, clever hey!


I also have recently set up a shop which means that anything you may decide to purchase after clicking on a link here will go through a small independent book shop rather than Amazon, and they will recieve the lions share, and I 10% of anything we make.

If you would like to know more here is a round-up for each quarter of last year.

And finally if you have been inspired to look for ways to make reading more part of your life, I wrote this a little while ago

Thanks for reading


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