3 Marketing Podcasts that will teach you something new

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Do you like podcasts? I am a big fan. At the moment I have plenty of time to pop on my headphones and hear from lots of people every day. The wealth of expertise is quite amazing, and the access you have to experts who can teach you anything about Marketing, so useful.

There are lots of great Marketing Podcasts that you may not have tried yet, for brevity I am going to tell you about just 3 today.

1. Tea with Gary Vee If you haven't encountered the force that is Gary Vee you are in for a treat. Or maybe not. I think he is probably one of the most Marmite people on the planet. Personally I love his straight talking, expletive laden content. But there are those who don't. If you decide to listen, and you have young children around, headphones are your friend.

His own business track record is proven, but he spends a lot of his time helping others via content such as 'Tea with Gary Vee'. He began this particular show for the Covid 19 lockdown period, it takes place as an hour long Q&A session, with the format of people phoning in to ask Gary questions.

What is he likely to say? -To give you a heads up, he will terrify you with the suggestion of posting 5 times a day

- He is a big fan of TikTok & will gladly tell you he called it as the platform of the moment 18 months ago...

- Giving value to your audience is the most important thing of all. Get to this content whilst he is still doing it, but you are never likely to experience a Gary drought as he is one of the most out there people of all time from an exposure point of view.

What he won't say

Anything about books, except to shout out his own, Gary isn't a reader. I have to give him minus points for this (joking/not joking)

2.Marketing School

Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Sui is a bite sized podcast. Episodes are daily, and last in the range of 5-8 minutes.

Neil Patel and and Eric Sui are both owners of Digital Marketing agencies. I find I hear about a lot of tools that I haven't before via this show.

What are they likely to talk about?

This really is a digital Marketing podcast, so expect to hear about:


Paid Search (Pay per click advertising)

Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising

Mobile Advertising


Facebook Marketing

Video Advertising

Twitter Marketing

Google Analytics

Conversion Rate Optimization


Strategic Partnerships

Content Strategy/Development

Business Development

Social Media

Community Development


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate program management


Growth Hacking

What you won't hear about

Much in depth, but you may find out about something new that sparks an interest and you can go and find out more.

3. Akimbo

How can you sum up Seth Godin? Best selling author of 18 Marketing books, entrepreneur with one of the longest track records of continuous success in Marketing globally. Creator of 'Permission Marketing' member of The Marketing Hall of Fame.Total Genuis. If you haven't read 'This is Marketing', his latest book I highly recommend it.

What will you get from Akimbo?

- Seth has a voice for radio, he is incredibly smooth to listen to, and structures his 30 minute episodes to cover a topic first, often he will say it's a rant, but I would describe it more as a story, covering history, politics, world culture, anything on his mind to be honest, told to make you think about some important aspect for business owners and marketers. He then answers questions read out by listeners, on topics that may come from his podcast, or his books.

- Seth runs the Alt MBA which is a Marketing qualification, that gets a fair bit of air time on the show, but never in a way that makes you feel too sold to. Thanks to Seth I also discovered Bernadette Jiwa who he sometimes works with, she is also amazing, I very much enjoy receiving her newsletter each week, and listened to Hunch on audiobook last month.

Why not try all of these podcasts this coming week and see what you think!



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