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5 Sources of Content Inspiration

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

We all need content to keep our marketing wheels turning. Where can we grab things quickly when time is short and to-do lists long?

Here are 5 suggestions of where to look for ideas for content that will really help your customer

5 places to find content inspiration

1. News websites

Scanning the news for topics that relate to your clients can give you valuable daily content, and ideas to pitch journalists too.

I've spotted interesting articles on what drives influencer culture, turning farm waste into packaging, & whether companies using plastic bottles for their products can be truly environmental leaders with a B Corp status. All of which were interesting to my clients.

2. Pinterest

I'm a big fan of Pinterest personally.

If you blog, it's a very easy way of driving traffic to your website. In addition it provides us with quick and easy ideas on what articles are being written that your clients might be interested in too.

You can have a look at how I use it here

3. Trending topics on Twitter

If it's happening it's on Twitter. Why not check if any of the topics may be of interest to your customers?

You can also get involved in key conversations within your industry by searching for keywords.

I curate a list of journalists there if you want to see what's being discussed. Link

4. Google

Google your industry and see what people are asking about. Google really does know everything your customers are asking. Perfect for blog topics.

Look at the 'people also asked' feature to see a list of questions your clients are interested in.

5. Our peers

We don't exist in a vacuum. I'm always looking at what my industry peers are posting about to see what is happening in marketing at the moment.

And as many have said before me just because a competitor or peer whichever way you choose to see it, has posted about a topic before doesn't mean you can't.

Bonus Tip

When looking for content inspiration don't forget to look back at what you have already written or created and see what could be reused or recycled.

Thanks for reading


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