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A book review of Originals by Adam Grant

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I first discovered Adam Grant via his podcast WorkLife. Adam is an American organisational psychologist and professor at the Wharton School.

On his podcast he investigates lots of interesting topics around modern working practise.

In summary Originals, published in 2016 is an exploration of what originality is, where it blossoms & how the average person can have more ideas.

It contains so many examples of interesting people who have changed the world, some you will have heard of and others less well known.

How Non Conformists Changed the World

I enjoyed this book because it was packed with interesting examples of people who took risks in pursuit of achievement.

It made me think about the concept of originality. It also made me consider innovators and what we are taught to expect of them, vs the qualities the typical innovator really has.

How to have more ideas

In summary Adam gives a long list of suggestions on how to have more ideas, some of which I list here now

1) Question the default, the status quo is only the status quo because someone said it is!

2) Triple the number of ideas you generate - You need more bad ideas to have a good one!

3) Seek more feedback on your ideas from peers

4) Welcome criticism, the more we ask for feedback and accept the negative, the better our work becomes

5) If you feel your ideas are too out there, seek to collaborate with others who are a bit more mainstream. The combined effect will get your ideas heard by more people

Thanks for reading!


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