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Book Review: Survival Skills for Freelancers Sarah Townsend

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

This review first appeared in Issue 11 of Parents in Biz Magazine where I am a regular contributor on business titles.

A book called Survival Skills for Freelancers by Sarah Townsend
Survival Skills For Freelancers

Survival Skills For Freelancers

I’d heard Survival Skills for Freelancers talked about in several Facebook groups I regularly visit. So getting a review copy for Parents in Biz was really exciting.

Sarah Townsend the author comes across as warm, funny and intelligent from all of her social media so I was not at all surprised to find the book is all of those things too.

Hard to put down

As I sat down to read on a grey Saturday morning where the rain threatened to never end, I thought, I’ll just read a few chapters whilst my kids are happily doing other things.

Several hours later I finished it. That gives you an idea of how well written and full of good content it really is.

What will Survival Skills for Freelancers give you?

1) First, it gives a thorough idea of Sarah's own career. I found this useful because we all have a different freelance story.

2) A point that resonated for me was, what to call yourself. Some opt for self employed, others freelancers, or maybe consultants. As someone who has experimented with all these titles I did a lot of nodding at that.

3) I liked the fact that this book takes mental health for freelancers seriously. In fact there is just as much on how to keep yourself well, body and soul, as there is tips on setting up a business, and becoming profitable. If you are looking for a compassionate take on building up a company that will last, Sarah’s book delivers.

An Interview with Sarah Townsend

After I wrote this review and submitted it to Parents in Biz, I had the opportunity to interview Sarah during an Instagram live event. If you'd like to get into a lot more detail about the book I highly recommend reading this summary of the interview.

Thanks for reading!


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