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Business Book Review - The Success Rebellion, Ryan Jackson.

This review first appeared in Parents in Biz Magazine. I was supplied a copy of The Success Rebellion to review for the magazine.

The Success Rebellion - Ryan Jackson

What Does The Success Rebellion Cover?

The Success Rebellion is written by someone who very clearly cares about the social mobility of others. Ryan Jackson speaks from the heart about his own early life experience.

He raises a number of valid points on the way the current education system alienates children who don’t learn a certain way. Or who don’t have mentors acting in their interests.

He believes that children who come from lower income families struggle to prioritize wealth building, and aspirational behaviour because they haven’t had the right life experience. Ryan acknowledges that he had low expectations of himself in early life. In particular believing that being able to claim £40 in benefits at the age of 18 was the pinnacle of success.

For him it took a chance helping hand from a friend of a friend that got him his first break.

His book aims to give the same thing back to others.

How The Book Is Structured

The Success Rebellion is structured into 8 sections,covering;

  • Self governance

  • Taking control of your own direction.

  • Environment, making sure the place you put yourself is a good one.

  • Discovering your path, realising that the past is gone, but the future is what we can control.

  • The importance of vision, knowing what you want and how you will deliver it.

  • Values, knowing what they are and how to identify the right ones.

  • Beliefs, getting rid of those that do not serve us.

  • And the power of a plan, something I believe in myself.

Ryan closes by giving some real insights into how he goal sets, and the exciting plans he has for his new development in Bali.

There is real heart in this book, and it is good to know there is someone out there for children who need a role model. And maybe adults too who are uncertain of their path.

About Ryan

Ryan Jackson is a serial entrepreneur, author and success mentor who's passion is to build disruptive companies that shake up the status quo and pave the way for a new age of thinking across various industry sectors.

Over the past fifteen years, Ryan has been committed to raising his own personal standards, becoming the best version of himself through personal and spiritual development, the results of which have manifested in multiple businesses in the UK and abroad.

As a successful entrepreneur and mentor, Ryan's purpose is to share his expertise and knowledge in order to better serve society and help others to create remarkable lives allowing them to truly express themselves from a place of abundance and wellbeing.


About Me

Shona Chambers Marketing is a Marketing Consultancy based in SE London. Specialising in helping Small Business Owners and Freelancers with their Marketing.


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