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What do your customers need the most?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Have you thought recently about the most important need that your business is trying to satisfy?

What is it that you do that someone is trying to find right now because they need it so much?

Everything has changed

With the changes in our world brought on by the pandemic we all need to be thinking about whether our businesses are still needed. If not, then we have to either wait until the world goes back to normal. Which may be never. Or we have to adapt.

Go back to the customer again. Imagine them now. Within the new parameters what can you do for them? Does the need they had for you originally still exist?

It might be time for you to do some new customer research, to help you understand the feelings your customers have now. There are a few ways I can suggest that you go about that.

  1. Ask them - If you have social media accounts or newsletters where customers have engaged with you previously, use them now to talk to your customers about how they feel their lives are going. Find out what they are thinking about. Build up a conversation that enables you to find out what they need now.

  2. Read and watch the news - The job of good news sources is not just to tell you whats happening, but to expose the current mood in the room. So much has changed recently. You may find new ways to connect with your customers by keeping on top of business news and trends.

  3. Think like a customer - Google will show you the searches people are making on your business sector for example, look up going back to work, and you will find so much information about how people are thinking and feeling at the moment about life after furlough ends, trying to understand rights and responsibilities etc.

Thanks for reading


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