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Does your business offer home workers a benefit?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Covid 19 has had a huge affect on the way we work. Many people now work from home instead of in an office.

Most people have now navigated their way around Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. But what about companies who still want to reward their employees with benefit packages, but no longer can offer the gym?

Even the smaller things that might have helped with employee satisfaction such as pizza after work on Friday or free fruit Monday, these in office treats are not possible remotely.

How can companies give their employees benefits that work remotely?

With many traditional benefits off the table, companies are getting creative.

Some are offering corporate memberships to Headspace in support of better mental health, and stress management.

Virtual gym class packages are also on offer in some firms.

What can your business offer a local home worker?

Depending on what your company does it may be worth thinking about this trend and how it relates to your business.

If you usually only supply directly to people, it may be time to look at corporations instead.

Could you repackage something that you do or offer to be an appealing employee perk right now?

Here are a few thoughts:

1) If you have a local retail shop offering, say gifts and cards, could you offer an employee celebration package to corporations? At a time when most people find e-cards a bit of a cop out, it is nice to still receive a card in the mail (environmentally friendly options of course) companies probably celebrate employee birthdays, new babies, retirements, engagements, lots of other occasions. Could be a great opportunity.

2) If you have a relevant wellness offering then now is the time to look at which companies appear to take the need to look after the whole employee seriously & create packages that work for people at times to suit them.

3) If you sell boxes for local customers of food products, like fruit and veg, or coffee supplies, why not see if companies would like to consider you supplying their employees as well as your own.

As always it pays to keep in touch with what's happening in the world and see how you can adapt your marketing accordingly.

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