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Find & keep your dream customer

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Do you have a good idea of who your dream customer is? If you'd like more suggestions on refining this I cover that topic in another blog ' How to identify your ideal customer & help your Marketing?'

This blog will provide suggestions on how to attract and retain your ideal customers.

First Impressions Count

We make decisions in life in an instant.

Which shops we step into, which size item we purchase, which side of the street we walk along.

The psychology behind these decisions is fascinating, but for now lets stick to Marketing.

Your ideal customers will be doing exactly the same thing.

Whether they meet you at a trade fair, at an event, via your social media, or on the phone.

They will judge you instantly, you have seconds to make an impression, to signal to these most important people who you are

Positive ways to influence your ideal customer

Does your social media instantly appeal to your target customer?

If you are a fashion brand which colours are trending now? Do you include them in your range?

If your dream clients are people who value fashion and design you need to reflect these values back at them.

If your dream clients prefer traditional designs that wont age, show them that, don't deviate from what they like and know.

Know your issues

This is a critical point coming up, you must know your issues, and by your issues I mean theirs.

Social media is increasingly used as a magazine, people want to pick up their phone and tune straight into their content, they don't want to see anything that jars them or isn't designed with them in mind.

The unfollow button is very easy to use.

Be sure to know what your dream customer cares about, do they want to see another photo of your children more than they want to see your product?

If your audience is mums who want to use your content like a copy of Mother and Baby then go for it, if they are more interested in you as a woman and owner of your business, give them that content.

Don't be tempted to dumb down just because its on social media.

Tell them what they need to know

We are all time poor, hated phrase but there it is.

To get specific in this train of thought, if you are a Nutritionist why not show that you are totally on top of the current affairs of the country you trade in, and get warning people about the highly possible fruit and veg shortage that we face if we end up with a no deal Brexit.

This is highly relevant to your nutrition business, so why not give your customers some tips on growing fruit and veg in their own gardens?

In short, your job via your content is to become your clients favourite place to find out about issues of the day, to become their favourite place on the web.

Coming up I'll be covering Competitor Analysis so do check back for more articles soon

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What to read next

If you'd like more suggestions on refining this I cover that topic in another blog ' How to identify your ideal customer & help your Marketing?'

About Me

Shona Chambers Marketing is a Marketing Agency based in South East London.

Specialising in helping Small Business Owners and Freelancers with their Marketing.

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