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Has this year made you consider self employment or freelancing?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

With the way things currently are in the world I think a lot of people who have traditionally been employed are now looking at ways to consider other options for work. More people have started new businesses this year than ever, and others are going freelance selling the skills they have instead of working for a company.

The Freelance Informer

The Freelance Informer is a fantastic resource for anyone who is freelance or considering it. With articles covering topics from the legal aspect of owning your own business to the tools you need to thrive, they have it all.

Marketing advice on the couch

I am pleased to have contributed 3 articles for The Freelance Informer within ' The Freelancers Couch' section. This is intended as a place that anyone can send in a question and have an industry expert respond to it. As they say:

"The Freelance Informer team understands that sometimes friends, family, and co-workers just don’t have all the answers to your freelancer questions, so hop on ‘The Freelancers’ Couch’ and tell us your worries.. tell us your aspirations…your dilemmas and your tricky questions. We will then work to find an expert who can guide you in the right direction to find the answers."

This picture shows me, and my book, and explains who I am and why I contributed to the article.
Would you like to hop on the couch?

Read my articles for The Freelance Informer here

If you would like to read my articles you can do here

Looking for more help? My new book is out now

If you are taking the first steps towards becoming a small business owner or freelancer then my new book 100 Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners has lots more help and advice on topics from marketing planning to digital marketing. With 8 sections it is easy to read, and you can pick it up use a tip and get going. If you are interested in moving forward with your marketing plans today then do have a look here

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Shona Chambers Marketing is a Marketing Agency based in SE London. Specialising in helping Small Business Owners and Freelancers with their Marketing.

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