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Marketing ideas to boost customer loyalty

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Do you need treats? Little rewards to tell yourself, well done! I don't know about you but 99% of the things I would consider a treat are off the table for the time being. If I have worked hard & focused on several hours of quality work, there is nothing I like more than nipping out for a takeaway coffee. The walk to the cafe, where I think about my achievement. The chat with the coffee shop owner or staff. Seeing what's on offer in the shop, a quick people watch before I leave. The walk back, sipping on my delicious hot black coffee.

I reach my desk again feeling refreshed, my Vitamin D topped up, caffeine levels restored.

I have other things I consider a treat too, but this is a simple weekday example. I have nothing but gratitude for the NHS keeping us safe, and obviously understand the temporary interruption to life, but yes I miss my cafe trips. How about you? What daily treats are you missing? Maybe you like an ice-cream and a wander round the shops?

Customer Loyalty Programmes

It's worth following that chain of thought through with your customers in mind too. Big companies almost always have a customer loyalty programmes, little treats in return for custom and loyalty. But the majority of small companies don't.

So how can you build in treats for your customer? Especially now when many people are really desperate for little daily validations and all the time in the world to appreciate them.

In terms of things you could offer, never forget that time is something you have and something you can use to reward loyalty. You could set up an exclusive talk for members of your private Facebook group, or an Instagram Live where you give your best customers the chance to ask you anything based around your speciality. By passing on your knowledge to them, you are creating a closer relationship & showing your appreciation.

Or if if you have money to spare you could create a gift package of a voucher for your services in the future, or item of stock if more suitable.

Everyone loves a little treat, and now more than ever it could make someones day.

What can you think of that your customers would love to receive from you?

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