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How To Get Free Publicity For Your Small Business In Less Than 5 Minutes

As a small business owner you'll know how useful free publicity can be.

Paid for marketing is important, but when you are new to business or on a budget, 'organic' i.e free marketing can help a lot.

In this blog I'll tell you how to gain free publicity leads in less than 5 minutes using social media tool Twitter.

Step 1 - Join Twitter

First you'll need a Twitter account. It's free to sign up, and won't take you very long to create a profile.

My advice is create a user name that matches your business and other social media accounts. It makes it easier for people who follow you on other platforms to find you.

Here is my profile to give you an idea of what you can create.

The Marketing biography of Shona Chambers Marketing
My Twitter Bio

Step Two - Check #JournoRequest

There are hundreds of journalists looking to speak to people every day of the week. If you have what they want you could be featured in national press, or magazines.

To make it easy to find out what journalists are interested in, use the hashtag #JournoRequest to search Twitter.

You can also follow the list I have curated of journalists on Twitter.

One quick point, be sure you are on the latest tab when you search, as in my screenshot, not just top, or you won't see the newest Tweets.

Step 3 - Check #PRRequest

Another useful hashtag is PR Request. This is PR's and Journalists looking to speak to people for collaborations, gifting guides and interviews. You could use this hashtag in Tweets if you have a topic you want to gain coverage on.

As with tip 2, just check you are on the right tab, which is latest, this will show you the most up to date requests.

Has this been useful? I hope so! Let me know if you get any good coverage from using this tip.

Thanks for reading


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For even more low cost marketing ideas why not buy my book?

If you would like even more low cost marketing ideas I wrote a book. 100 Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners. Check it out here

About Me

Shona Chambers Marketing is a Marketing Consultancy based in SE London.

Specialising in helping Small Business Owners and Freelancers with their Marketing.

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