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How to identify new customers for your business

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

I'm going to outline in this post how to expand your pool of customers by identifying new targets for your Marketing

Try this exercise

When you first created your product or service you may well have done an exercise to figure out your audience, target customer, target market If you didn't ever do that it's worth stopping even if you are 5 years down the line and doing this exercise Ask yourself who in an ideal world you believe would be interested in what you are selling?

Think about the area they live, are they rural or urban in base? This may have an impact on how you sell either via a network of shops or strictly online.

Think about their interests, do they like trying new things, are they more likely to try them if recommended by someone else?

This may change which marketing channels you engage from influencer Marketing to targeted online ads. All of this identifies a pool of your natural customers. Finding them should be fairly easy

How do I move things on?

But how do you move along from this?

Tip Use a natural progression model. If you are geographically based could you move one postcode over and apply the same ideal customer exercise to a new area If you sell a certain size of product that is popular could you create a larger one which may appeal to a bigger family, or those who like to buy in bulk For your business think about it right now, what is the natural next step for me that keeps my customer profile but offers a wider remit with one small change

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About Me

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Specialising in helping Small Business Owners and Freelancers with their Marketing.


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