How to maintain marketing when time is short

Updated: Sep 26

Are you finding it a challenge to fit in time to market your business at the moment?

A big issue for many small business owners with extra responsibilities on their plate, is time to keep up marketing efforts. Many of you are juggling extra responsibilities with kids at home from school. Or maybe you need to support your older relatives more at the moment than usual.

Whatever is keeping you busy, the feeling of being short on time is the same. It leaves you feeling stressed, needing to fire fight, and generally stretched too thin.

One of the first things to go when people are busy are the things that will get them more work in the future. Marketing is a critical activity for all businesses but especially when it is just you doing everything it can feel very tough indeed.

What can you do to keep Marketing at the moment?

1) Get really focused. Marketing on social media particularly can be a time drain. But it really does help to get new business by maintaining a profile. My advice to you is to decide in advance what you want to do on social media before you get on it. Have your post topic decided, get your creative ready, post, add it to stories, and then spend 5-10 minutes commenting on other peoples material. Then get the heck off there!

2) Prioritise. Where do you get most of your enquiries from? If you don't know the answer to this, you really need to work on your marketing processes because it is critical information. Once you know, focus on maintaining this element of your Marketing. For example, if you get most enquiries though Google, then make sure your website is kept up to date with new content added on a regular basis. Google rewards websites that are regularly updated with better SEO.

3) Create a schedule. If you know that your local facebook group allows one promotional post per week on a Thursday, make sure you get it in your diary. It takes less than 1 minute to respond to a thread with your latest blog, or other marketing messages. Just be organised. Know where you can advertise for free and when. Of course with more time you should definitely be engaging on a more regular basis on the group, but you don't have time right now.

The good thing about marketing is you can scale it up or down, but when you come to a grinding halt it is incredibly hard to get back to it again. In terms of work, it can take people 2-3 months or longer to get in touch with you even after they have seen the service you offer and know they need it. So coming to a stop now will affect your workflow in the next quarter.

I really hope this helps you to feel like there are still Marketing actions you can take in less than 20 minutes per day.

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