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In life, you have 3 choices. Give up, give in, or give it your all.

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Why did you start your business?

Did it come out of an interest or a hobby? Or was it a desire to create something for you?

Do you remember the feeling it gave you to get going with your very own business?

With Covid 19 restrictions ongoing and affecting many small business owners, the best thing you can do is to access that feeling, remember why you began and what you can find to keep you going.

If your business is having to operate in a different way then talking to your customers is really important.

They are probably feeling a mixture of fed up about the ongoing situation, or angry at the affect it is having on their lives.

It is good to empathise but don't imagine you know what all of them are feeling because everyone is different.

Practical Steps - Take control of your communications

If you are a small business owner currently running a restricted or suspended business then you can still take charge of your marketing.

If your business worked before the restrictions it most likely will again. You were the one who started that business. It is up to you now to remember that you have the power to make plans. And the power to make people feel something for you.

You have a choice of tone in all the messages you send, to improve someones day or make it worse.

Community is even more important right now, and many are using Twitter and other sources to feel a sense of togetherness, but if the entire community you dip into is in panic mode you will feel worse to consume that content.

Be the person offering the considered messages.

3 tips for helping yourself and your business today

1. Covid 19 will end. Plan accordingly. What can you do a little of each day that will make re-opening your business easier?

2. Communicate in a positive friendly tone with your customers. Make them look forward to seeing your posts not feel miserable, or even worse, that they have to comfort you!

3. Think hard about what content your customer needs right now, and into the future.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you. Thanks for reading.


*Title quote by Charleston Parker

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