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Is Play A Waste Of Time? Book Review of Michael Rosen's Book Of Play.

This review first appeared in Parents in Biz Magazine. I was supplied a copy of Michael Rosen's Book Of Play, to review for the magazine.

About The Author

Michael Rosen is a name that if you’ve lived in the UK for any length of time you’ll have heard.

He needs very little introduction, as one of the best loved figures in the world of children's literature, and former Children's Laureate.

To give a very brief recap he is the author of We’re Going On a Bear Hunt and has written so many other childrens and adults books, to list them all would take up my entire word count. He is also a Professor of Childrens Literature at Goldsmiths College.

Michael Rosen - Michael Rosen's Book Of Play

What Is The Book About?

Michael Rosen’s Book of Play - Why Play Matters, and 101 Ways to Get More Of It In Your Life, works along two levels.

1) The first level provides a huge list of creative ideas to try as an adult alone or with children.

There are fun illustrations for all of them.

If all you did was pick this book up and try one of the activities today, you would have gained a lot of value in your life.

I am very keen to try ice cube stacking for example, that's very appealing to me!

2) The second is to provide the reader with a book that questions why something so essential as play has been marginalised, and made political.

It covers the reasons why play is essential for every human being from young to old.

Makes a strong case for putting play at the centre of our lives. Gives in depth coverage of key figures in the world of education, and innovation and touches on anti consumerism.

At a time where nursery provisions are in jeopardy, free play in schools has been downgraded, and negative mental health stories feature heavily in the news, thank goodness for people like Michael Rosen and his book putting forward the case for play.

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