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Updated: Sep 26

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Hello I hope you have a nice bank holiday Friday,  and happy VE Day.  We are all going through a hard time right now, some more than others but overall it's tough for everyone. I was surprised to hear one of the biggest fans of going fast and hard towards your goals, Gary Vee, saying on his 'Tea with Gary Vee' daily live to a caller, that his view right now is what is 3 or 4 months on hold overall to your life long career? What a great perspective. I tend to agree. Again there are things it may feel very difficult to place on hold, and if that is you personally I really do sympathise. But overall he is right I think. However if you are looking for a bit of help with making progress on your goals no matter how big or little, the following might give you guidance.  Last year I read The One Thing by Gary Keller which is a global best seller.  I have to say that even on my most difficult days I find the concept to be useful, and usually results in me getting through my to do list. 

If you are yet to read it, the concept is that we all know deep down what the most important thing is that we need to get done each day. One of the reasons that we fail is taking on too many tasks, over loading ourselves and getting frustrated.  The One Thing principle is simple. Work out your overall big goal and then work backwards. For example if you wanted to learn to drive this year then the ultimate outcome is you take a test and are successful. But there are many things that will go into achieving that. First, finding a great driving instructor, booking lessons, clearing your schedule to allow for those lessons. Booking a Theory test, revising for that test. You get the picture.  If learning to drive in 2020 is your goal, what is the one thing today that would get you closer to that? It all depends of course if you have started to try yet. Or if you are underway but feeling overwhelmed.  Taking that step back and thinking each morning, what is the one thing I can do today that will help me achieve that goal, is helpful and provides a framework. So, if you are feeling stuck, or less productive than you would like to be, what one thing can you personally do today to feel better? Tomorrow take the next step... If you need help with any of your Marketing projects that you may feel stuck with, drop me a line. Thanks for reading! Shona

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