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Park Life in SE London

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

A walking route I often do takes me through Blythe Hill fields. It's nice to pick up a coffee and walk through the park. We are very fortunate with the amount of green space we have access to in SE London.

I sit on one of the benches on the main path and look at the amazing view over to the city. Although we had a day recently where you couldn't see anything. The mist was so dense.

I found it quite exciting when a little coffee roastery Mont 58, that has a garden that backs onto the park started to do 'garden gate sales' the one pictured isn't from there. Feels very secret garden, with just a sign to mark the place, and you press a bell for service at a counter.

Around March time a new little community library, The Blythe Hill Bookshed appeared just outside of the park.

This seems to be an interesting trend driven by the period of lockdown where libraries were closed. This one is kept well stocked, and I often bring or take a book on my walks.

I love how you can live in an area but still find new things to enjoy every day.

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