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Looking for social media challenges to take part in this January?

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Do you work for yourself? Are you a company owner or freelancer? Then you might be interested to know about the social media challenge I am currently running over on Instagram. It's called the Self Employed Club January Challenge.

Self Employed Club January Challenge

As a Marketing consultant with my own business, I've always enjoyed the company of other self employed people. They tend to understand the challenges, and joys of course, of working for yourself.

Self Employed Club is the part of my business where I offer networking events (in person events currently on hold due to Covid 19) and online events to help people connect and collaborate.

The idea for the name Self Employed Club came from that feeling that if you work for yourself you are in the club. One of the people who knows what it's like to build something from scratch, to pour your heart and soul in, to really care about doing well for yourself and your customers.

In January 2020 I launched the first Self Employed Club challenge, and it was really fun with lots of people joining in.

I decided to run it again for 2021, and is now live with around 100 people playing, and lots more joining in with support.

How do I join in with the challenge?

The January challenge is a 31 day social media event on Instagram designed to help people get through what is one of the longest months of the year, where often we feel a bit off centre after the Christmas break.

If you would like to join in here are the prompts. They will take you through introducing yourself to your customers, telling them about why you started your business, to what inspires you and keeps you going.

It can be hard to keep finding content to post every day, so why not take the decision making away just for January? If you would like to join in just head over to Instagram and follow Self Employed Club

You can choose how to participate, either by using a post each day, a story, an IGTV etc. To find others doing the challenge just use #selfemployedclub

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