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What is voice content and how will voice technology change marketing?

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Simply put voice content is anything that uses your voice to help, engage with or educate your customers. In this blog I'll focus on the use of voice technology as an important marketing tool. If you don't already use it in some way, it might be good to consider some of the following ways that you can get involved with the rapidly evolving area of voice content.

Start a podcast and enjoy an uncluttered playing field

If you are one of the many people who loves to work while listening to a podcast, then you will appreciate the benefits. You can focus on low level tasks and still listen to an interesting discussion. Video content can't compete in this environment because you don't have the attention available to watch and work.

There is something very intimate about listening to someone. Have you noticed that you might feel closer to people you listen to on a regular basis? As humans that is natural, we are built to enjoy speaking and listening.

Although it may seem that there is a lot of podcast content already, it pales in volume when compared to the number of YouTube videos being uploaded every second. Or new TV shows being released.

If you creating a podcast is on your list of marketing goals, then now really is the best time to do it.

The problem is, there still isn’t a lot of great original (voice) content to consume which leaves a massive opportunity for those who can produce on another level. Think of it like Netflix, the companies that create the best originals are going to win*

*Gary Vaynerchuk

Podcasting is one thing, but there are lots of other ways that you could consider beginning to utilize voice.

One small step

A very small step that you could take is to use the voice pronunciation file on your Linkedin profile. This 10 second audio file allows people to hear your voice before they contact you, and to ensure they know how to say your name correctly. A personal branding tip really, this helps you improve your professional profile and avoid embarrassing name issues with other people as well.

In my LinkedIn profile image below, the audio file is next to my name.

Why is voice technology on the rise?

Voice technology is being driven by the success of companies like Google, with the Google Home, and of course Amazon with Alexa and Echo.

The big companies are already well engaged with voice search strategy, just as well considering Google just released a statistic that one in five queries made by search are through voice* there are already kitchen devices like Whirlpool ovens that work with Alexa to control your oven.

It is a reality of life for business owners that they must begin to engage with voice, or get left behind. Screenless browsing is here to stay.

Here is one thing that you can do to build a voice search strategy

Create a Google action or an Alexa skill

One thing you can do right now to start benefitting from voice search results is to investigate Google actions, and Alexa skills. These are functions that allow voice assistants to react to user commands and queries. You can use ready made templates to connect up to your existing content, for things like Podcasts, recipes and news. Lots of companies are already doing this, and here are a few examples of what it can achieve.

  • Domino’s allows pizza-lovers to order from the comfort of their sofa without having to pick up the phone or even place an online order*

  • Nestlé created a skill that provides voice cooking instructions as you cook*

  • Tide provides advice about removing stains caused by over 200 different substances*

*Source: The Digital Marketing Institute

I hope that has given you something new to consider this week.

Thanks for reading!


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