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When it's hard to achieve a big win go for a little one

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

I wrote this blog during the first lockdown but I think it still holds true even now almost a year on.

There must be so many people right now with big projects stalled. Hopes on hold. Things are up in the air.

But look closer and think about what the little wins are for you right now.

A picture of a jar of Tracklements Chilli Jam
Delicious Chilli Jam

Things on my list are:

  • Having the time to read as much as I like (not the news)

  • Tiny signs that life will carry on as usual when we are through this. People still joining my mailing list for example. 

  • Clients deciding to keep appointments despite me being very open to cancellations because many people have no work at the moment

  • Creating a new routine that at the moment is allowed. An hour's walking first thing in the morning makes me so happy and sets me up for the day.

  • The beautiful weather. Each day that I wake to a blue sky makes me feel that someone is on our side.

  • Strong Black coffee 

  • Making a commitment to write for at least 1 hour every day and sticking to it

  • Finding Chilli Jam! A great example of how a tiny thing can make a big difference

What are your little wins? If you follow me on Instgram and use #littlewinsforme I will share them to my stories 

Thanks for reading!


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