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Would you like more enquiries for your business?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Getting enough enquiries for your business is critical to success, without enquiries you can't convert to sales.

It's no good being an amazing sales person if you're just not getting people through to your website or inbox.

So how can you influence the number of people who do decide to consider buying from you?

Here are 5 ways that you can take a step towards influencing that outcome today.

1. Review your content

Do you think your marketing content clearly explains your offer to your customer? If you can't say 100% yes then go back and change it. Think about who your ideal customer is and then write as though you were talking to them

2. Create an obvious point of difference Some people also call this a USP (unique sales or selling point)

For example if you are a workspace with a creche, then you clearly want to target parents so make sure that this is communicated clearly.

3. Join some directories specific to your industry

Directories can be a great shortcut to new customers. If you offer family services then a company like Parents in Biz who offer a great directory may be for you. There are lots of others.

Pay attention to your niche and then look around for the best place to list.

4. If you are a location based business join Google My Business today!

Google My Business is a free business listing service from Google that works on several levels to help your business stand out to customers.

The primary way is to list your business to customers looking for the service you offer.

It also shows your customer where to find you on a map, and if you attract customer reviews (just ask people to review you there) the highest ranking companies come up higher in search results, and customers can also filter on how many stars you achieve. People can choose to only see 4 star and higher businesses for example.

5. Work the room!

Make sure that anyone you have in your network knows what you do, and what you are looking to attract customer wise. You will jump straight to the front of the line with a personal recommendation, so make sure to consider the human element in your marketing efforts too.

I hope this has given you a few new ideas today.

Thanks for reading!


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