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Updated: Sep 26

When lockdown started I was like everyone else, in shock. Life as we all knew it stopped. Time slowed down. Days stretched out endlessly. After a while I began to think about all of the things I wanted to do, but was usually too busy for.

50 Free Marketing Tips

I wrote a blog a couple of years ago 50 Free Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners which has been consistently read since then. Some of it needs updating now. But I've posted it on various websites and always had great feedback. People have found the tips individually helpful. The ideas are low cost. Nothing suggested takes much time to action. They are suggested by me, another small business owner who understands the limitations many of us have.

I often think about new marketing ideas, and sometimes blog them sharing here or via social media. Gradually I started to wonder whether instead of spreading out far and wide with these ideas I should round them all up and have a go at a book.

20 minutes per day

I had my goal, to write a whole new 100 Marketing tips, completely separate to the old 50 I'd blogged. I didn't know if I had 100 tips in me. But I felt that I had some. In the time that had passed since writing the original blog I had worked with lots of different business owners, advising them on their marketing. I had also written and delivered marketing workshops from scratch. So there was more material to work with I felt sure.

Like many other people I spent lockdown looking after young children. My youngest is 4, so there is still a lot of hands on care involved. I had homeschooling to factor in for the older one. Without my usual work I knew I would have time, but how much of that would be uninterrupted? I set my goal with that in mind. I would write for 20 minutes per day. I felt like this was manageable.

Sneaking off

I found the one place in the house that was quiet, set a timer on my phone and just started writing. I decided that during this time I would literally write anything. If it made sense, great. If not it was deleted. Some days the 20 minutes came and went and I set the alarm again, 3, 4, 5 times. I didn't re-read what I had written.

Some days I was tired, and I hated making myself sit and write. Some of my wellness friends would say this is ill advised I am sure.

It took around 2 weeks to write the tips. I then started the process again. This time I created a framework for the ideas. There was a lot of tips on marketing planning, and customer insight. In the end I settled on 9 categories, and set to work organising where the tips best fitted. Working in bursts around family life.

I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent on the book. It is certainly not something I would start with goals of a best seller in mind. For me I have captured something that was in me. I have worked in Marketing on and off since 2001 when I started out as a media sales assistant for an outdoor advertising company.

The end is in sight

I am now around 80% complete in this task of bring a book to the world for sale. I've sent it for development advice from a professional. I have a designer working on the look and feel and helping me create something that will visually appeal to the right audience. I am doing the final edits before I pass it over for proof reading.

I wanted to capture the story of this book in the odd bit of time I had that isn't editing. I hope it inspires someone else to have a go at doing something that may have been in their minds for years and years. If you can find 20 minutes per day, you can make a start.

Thanks for reading, and I will let you know when I have something to show you!


Would you like more help with your marketing? My new book is out now

If you would like a book of 100 Marketing Tips written just for small business owners then do have a look here. I wrote this book to be easy to read cover to cover or to be kept as a reference to dip in and out of!

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