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Book Description


After 20 years working in Marketing for both large corporations and as an independent consultant, Shona Chambers shares her experience here in 100 Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners.


Recent feedback from a reader


“Shona has written a simple, no-nonsense guide to marketing. If you’re new in business, this book is like the to-do list you need to propel your brand… and if you’ve been around a while, it’s a great checklist to review progress too” – Graham Allcott, author of How to be a Productivity Ninja


Who is this book for?


This book was designed to provide you with useful tips and guidance as someone either starting up or with an established company.


Short on time but want to learn?


When you have a small business, time is often in short supply, so this book has been produced in concise, clearly marked sections that guide you through marketing, in a way that is quick and easy to read.


My goal for this book is to give you, a busy small business owner, a book of marketing tips that are easy to put into practice and themed by topic to allow you to read what interests you the most.


This isn’t a business theory book so please be assured that every tip I have included is jargon free and easy to apply.


I have grouped the tips into themes, from Marketing Planning to Digital Marketing. These should apply whether your business is online only or you have a high street shop, and of course everything in between. It doesn’t matter as far as the tips are concerned, they should be applicable to all.


There is so much more to marketing your business than just being on social media. 


In recent years it has felt like being active on social media platforms is marketing. What I hope to give you by the end of your time reading this book is an understanding of the other areas of marketing that can make a huge difference to your business.


What is marketing and why do you need to do it?


At its most basic level, marketing a business is about growing awareness of what a company is and what it can offer its customers.


You cannot make money on a consistent basis if no one has heard about you. A business begins when someone has an idea. The job of marketing is to introduce that idea to people who will care. 


Marketing explains who you are, what your business is, and the personality or brand of the company.


The sections of the book


This book covers 8 key areas of marketing taking you through each in clear, easy to follow detail.


Section One: Marketing Planning Tips


Section Two: Customer Insight Tips


Section Three: Process Tips


Section Four: Offer Tips


Section Five: People and Networking Tips


Section Six: Promotion Tips


Section Seven: Visual and Branding Tips


Section Eight: Digital Marketing Tips


Want extra tips?


If you like this book you can also find an additional 50 free marketing tips here


Feel free to give me your book feedback on Instagram or Facebook @shonachambersmarketing

AZW3 - 100 Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

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