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Hands up if you've found 2020 a difficult year? Yes me too!


If you know me already, then forgive the recap, but if not, I'm Shona Chambers,

a Marketing Consultant with experience in both corporate and small business marketing. I've been a self employed business owner since 2011, and know and understand the challenges of working for yourself.


Since Covid 19 became part of our lives in early 2020, I've seen so many small business owners going over and above to help each other through these difficult times, and thought to myself what can I do?


So I decided to put together a guide to all the places that I have found free promotion for business owners this year, and that is what I am passing along to you now.


If you find it useful please pass it on to as many other people as you like. And also please do let me know of any places that you have discovered that I could add to this list.


Please check that your business is relevant before joining/approaching any of the promotional sources included.


I am on all my social as @shonachambersmarketing or contact me

The Free Promotion Guide

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