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How could I help you?

Thanks so much for visiting my website. Whether I already know you from social media or this is the first time we are in touch, it's great to have you here.

You might have something quite specific in your mind that you need help with, or you may just have a feeling that the marketing you are doing now isn't really working as well as it could. Either way, I'd love to know more so I can give you my best advice. 

To give you some ideas of how we could work together, a common thing that small business owners want to do is gain focus. I'm sure you are already carrying out some marketing activities, but if you'd like to feel more in control, a marketing plan is a great place to start. If that is something you are considering then I'd usually help you with a brand audit, to understand how all of your social media, website, and Google search results are working for you. I'd follow that up with a session with you on your ideal customer to make sure that any marketing plan you eventually put together, either with me, or by yourself, puts the most important person right at the heart of your activity. 

Another thing I often do is help clients with content creation. We all need to keep in touch with our clients regularly, whether by social media, email, blog or website. I can help you brainstorm ideas via a 121 session, which I can also implement or you can.

My services can be booked from 1 hour onwards, at a rate of £40 per hour. 

If that has given you some food for thought and you'd like to book in for a 20 minute free call so we can talk about your plans it would be great to speak to you. 

Book in a free 20 minute discovery call today if you are ready! 



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