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Marketing & PR – The ultimate power couple

Do you collaborate? There are lots of great ways to do it, guest writing is just one!

I recently wrote an article for Carnsight Communications on customer reviews. They are vitally important for small businesses, providing proof of our abilities, and we've all got to know how to get them. You can catch up with that here

Carnsight Communications have now very kindly written this guest post, which is all about how marketing and PR work together. Thanks so much Carnsight Communications for your time and sharing your expertise!

If you find it useful it, do leave a comment. Links to contact Carnsight Communications are included in the list below.

How Marketing & PR Work Best Together
How Marketing & PR Work Best Together

The Difference Between Marketing & PR

Many people don’t fully understand the difference between marketing and PR, and often confuse the two. While there are a number of key differences, marketing and PR are actually the perfect pair and can really work to enhance each other.

For the sake of simplicity, PR is essentially about earned media and earning your place in publications, whereas marketing is generally about paid-for placement such as adverts, sponsored pieces or what we used to call advertorials.

The lines are blurry, and PRs and marketers are increasingly finding themselves wearing many hats, but both are incredibly valuable disciplines and collectively can have a huge impact on your business success.

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The Carnsight Communications Team

Four Reasons Why Marketing & PR Are The Ultimate Power Couple

Here are four reasons why marketing and PR are the ultimate power couple!

1. Common Goals

Though the strategies may be different, marketing and PR almost always share common goals such as brand awareness, attracting new audiences and engaging your current audience, and selling your products or services. Working together PR and marketing can cover more ground, building your profile, forming connections and maximising content.

2. Consistent Messaging

When your PR and marketing teams are aligned, you can create consistent and impactful messaging used to ensure every piece of content represents your business, taking a unified approach to your business voice and brand identity.

Consistent messaging means being clear in the way you speak to your customers, creating consistent marketing materials and being very transparent about the purpose of your brand.

This in turn creates trust with the brand. When a brand aligns with a customer’s morals, values, beliefs, and they are consistently creating products and messaging that backs that up, a loyalty is formed that will often result in the customer leaving reviews or recommending the brand to a friend etc.

3. Amplifying content

Creating content takes time and money. PR and marketing can team up to maximise the reach and function of your content, ensuring it’s distributed further and more broadly. For example, PR content can be repurposed in newsletters and social copy, and marketing content can help generate thought leadership for PR.

The combination of marketing and PR ultimately means that every piece of content you generate can work twice as hard for your business!

4. Maximising SEO

PR and SEO go together like tea and toast.

Your marketing team can help your PR team optimise links in earned media coverage.

Earned media is also fantastic for keyword rankings and strengthening your websites search positioning.

Higher search rankings will drive more traffic your way, and therefore more interest in your business and hopefully conversations.

In Summary - Learning From One Another

PR and marketing experts have a fantastic opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other.

The PR team may be able to offer a different take on a marketing activity, for example, and the marketing team may have a different perspective to offer on some PR activity.

The two teams can share information on trends in the industry and feedback from customers and journalists, giving your business a big advantage.

PR and marketing are often seen to serve two separate functions, but as demonstrated, when they combine, they truly become a force to be reckoned with.

Marketing and PR can deliver incredibly impressive results when used in tandem, so when weighing up if you should go for marketing or PR, consider what they can offer as a powerful duo.

About Carnsight Communications

Carnsight Communications is a PR and communications consultancy based outside of Bath. We specialise in practical, powerful PR for the media and marketing industry, small businesses and entrepreneurs. We cover everything from social media to SEO optimised web copy, blogs, influencer liaison and award entries. We are straightforward, proven and focused on results.

To contact Carnsight Communications

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