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What is content marketing?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Content marketing is the name given to everything you produce to support your marketing activities.

Content marketing might be setting up a podcast and creating great content for your ideal customer there.

It might be writing blogs that are really helpful to your customer and then promoting them on your social media too.

Whatever it is, it is the material you use to help your ideal customer see that you are perfect for them. So its important to get it right.

If you are wondering how to create content on a regular basis that helps your ideal customer, then this technique will really help you. It will save you time and energy whilst producing big gains.

Start wide, then zoom in

The best way to create content for your customers is to start with a big piece of content and then to use parts of it for different purposes. For example I mentioned above a podcast episode. Within a 30 minute discussion you will have a lot of rich content that you can use for smaller pieces each retaining the main message you want your customer to absorb.

I'm giving you an idea here that you could use to create a big piece of content if you don't already have thoughts on this. One idea to use, is creating a customer survey, to find out what customers want in the coming year. From that you then have two things, invaluable market research information that guides your business decision making and a lot of data to use for other purposes.

Ways to create great content from your survey

You could write up the results and turn them into a report that might be useful to other companies as a trend report. Depending on the size of your sample you could even sell it potentially.

You could turn the report into a lead magnet for your website, for example '10 Trends for Kids Clothing this Winter' email to receive your copy

You could create content for Pinterest that advertises your report and links to it using relevant images.

You could talk to your customers via your live channels on social media to tell them about the trends that you discovered

You could use it to approach relevant trade press with articles written around the findings, 'lock down shopping habits' '3 colours that people love this Winter' etc.

There really is so much you can do with just one survey, it is worthwhile spending the time to create one.

I hope you found this post helpful! If you'd like to read more about content then I've suggested another blog below.


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