A months worth of marketing ideas. Easy ways to help refresh your marketing.

In need of some marketing inspiration? Then read on. This blog post is the first of four. With marketing ideas for each week in September.

This blog focuses on social media, one of the most instant and impactful methods of marketing your small business.

Overhaul your social media

You may not be active on all of these platforms so feel free to pick and choose what works for you.

Instagram Check out some new hashtags, if you are using the same ones all the time they are probably in need of a refresh. Look for some monthly challenges to join in with (these are great for meeting new people) Have a look at the highlights for your account and create new covers and update the information. If you do not have an 'About Me' highlight then get one going!


Create a new pinned tweet that makes it easy for people to see who you are and what you do.

Investigate joining in a twitter hour, a time when you tweet along with others on a relevant topic.

Look for industry experts in your field and reply to their tweets, this will raise your profile with them, and their followers.


Refresh your content with the new season in mind. Post helpful content for the upcoming holidays (Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas)

Leave any Facebook groups that no longer serve you. It will be quicker to navigate to the groups you do enjoy and give you leads or support.

Make a calendar of all the days where you are allowed to post about your business in a facebook group for free. This is great promotion!


Create a board that showcases anything new you are offering for Autumn. Make this the first board people see when they visit your profile.

Create blog posts for your website that have beautiful photos that people will want to pin. Make sure you have the pin function enabled on your website.

You can create as many pins as you like that all link back to the same blog post, generating lots of new web traffic.

I hope you found this post helpful!


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